Privacy policy

Our policy is to respect your privacy.

We abhor the fact that interactions on the web are harvested and sold. We don't do that and never will.

We do collect and maintain your contact detail when you voluntarily give it to us. We store only the essential detail in an off-line and password protected management system accessible only to members of our company. Just the way it has been done in business for centuries (perhaps without passwords!) if not millennia.

There are password-protected resources on this site and in accord with best practice we therefore use encryption everywhere.

We don't insert our own headers in pages and we don't use Javascript. We do not use cookies and we have no arrangements with other parties to track visitor movements.

Where we do collaborate in business arrangements with other parties we routinely execute mutual non-disclosure agreements which constrain all parties to reveal as little as necessary. If it becomes necessary for us to disclose your information by legal force we will keep you informed.

We respect your privacy


Mike Dewhirst
Managing Director
Climate Pty Ltd
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