What we do

Scrum and Agile coaching for DevOps consulting

In a formal collaboration with NextOps Pty Ltd we help implement major productivity improvements in your ICT services department. Artisan operations can all be deployed as DevOps code and managed just like all software.

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Security policies all have impacts and consequences which trigger tasks and demand essential defences. DevSecOps is a branch of DevOps which likewise delivers security productivity gains.

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Special projects


chemintro.com is a highly secure information management system for introducing industrial chemicals into Australia. With minimal human data entry it will categorise a chemical according to AICIS guidelines. You get the correct result in minutes instead of many hours or even days. Ask us about Provable Correctness!


Climate hosts open source sharedsds.com, an online proof-of-concept SaaS for Globally Harmonised System (GHS) Safety Data Sheet (SDS) authoring. It is the world's first demonstrable system for secure licensed sharing of chemical data between suppliers and formulators and licensed sharing of SDSs with distributors and first responders.


Climate also hosts sharedtrain.com, a project to deliver online training courses - free or paid. Unique among many such platforms it provides a revenue collection and distribution system so that training partners can automatically split and bank proceeds as they are collected.


Scrum Master

Scrum has proven over more than two decades that small agile teams deliver the best ICT outcomes. Our approach empowers your teams so they own all the processes and lock-in productivity gains for the long term.

All our consulting is underpinned by principles espoused in the Agile Manifesto

Security requirements analysis

We look for the weaknesses in your information flows which would be attractive to people without scruples. If they steal or encrypt your information and hold it for ransom, your bottom line and reputation suffer. No point shoring up defences and leaving unidentified holes.

ICT requirements analysis

Everything in your domain which we analyse is assessed in the context of your revenue model and business direction. We see where your existing technology is helping and/or hindering before writing a requirements report which includes stategic options.

Strategic ICT planning

Your growing business success depends on introducing technology in the correct sequence and intervals to boost productivity rather than threaten it. The plan we deliver shows your predicted business milestones and our recommendations for technology which will contribute to profit growth at each point along the way. We don't underestimate your in-house culture nor any requirements you foresee.

Project design and implementation

We break your strategic plan into projects according to stakeholder groups. Individual projects are designed so measurable returns commence as early as possible. We expect unexpected change in the business landscape. We like projects to be sufficiently granular to retain strategic flexibility. It is vital to see early success so the enterprise can achieve early ROI.

Software development management

If you need customised software it is essential to know how it will contribute to your bottom line. We manage development and delivery of working software in collaboration with your stakeholders. We ask them to prioritise by greatest business value so we can deliver in exactly that sequence. Our overriding driver is the optimum return on your investment.

Wide experience

Our clients range from very small businesses to multinational corporations to government organisations with critical national infrastructure - from profit driven to not-for-profit. All are focused on achieving their business targets and that is our motivation.

Productivity through quality

In our set of business principles, quality assurance is about using technology to prevent costly mistakes. We design or use systems and write software to help humans avoid drudgery and deliver their best possible production outcomes.

Success-test driven

We manage stakeholders by asking what will satisfy them. We write success-tests to translate those requirements into project acceptance criteria. When we work for you we document what you expect so we can deliver.

We enjoy technology because we can make it work to achieve objectives. That's what we do.