What we do

Chemdata support in Australia and New Zealand

Chemdata is used by almost all metropolitan fire services in Australia and New Zealand. It is part of their operational regime in chemical incidents and emergencies. Our role is 24/7 software support and to collect data on local products and local contact numbers where emergency responders can obtain advice in the context of any incident involving a company's product.


Security requirements analysis

We look for the weaknesses in your information flows which would be attractive to people without scruples. If they steal or encrypt your information and hold it for ransom, your bottom line and reputation suffer. No point shoring up defences and leaving unidentified holes. Criminals know where to find them.

ICT requirements analysis

Everything in your domain which we analyse is assessed in the context of your revenue model and business direction. We see where your existing technology is helping and/or hindering before writing an easy-to-understand Strategic Planning report.

Strategic ICT planning

Your growing business success depends on introducing technology in the correct sequence and intervals to boost productivity rather than threaten it. The report we deliver shows your predicted business milestones and our recommendations for technology which will contribute to profit growth at each point along the way. We never underestimate your in-house culture nor any requirements you might have. We make sure you see the report taking shape so there are no surprises and no disappointments.

Project design and implementation

We break your strategic plan into a number of projects - usually according to stakeholder groups. Individual projects are fenced off and designed so measurable returns commence as early as possible. We like projects to be as small as reasonably possible to retain strategic flexibility in case of unexpected change in the business landscape. We control project implementation with success tests. It is vital to kick goals and see real success as early as possible so the business can start evolving to get the most out of it.

Technology services management

We work with your existing technology providers with your authority to achieve your goals. They have to satisfy us from a technological perspective. We write the specifications and make sure problems are avoided rather than needing to be fixed. We hate surprises and technology providers who work with us love our clear directions and straightforward contract management.

Software development management

If you need customised software it is essential to know how it will contribute to your bottom line. We manage development and delivery of working software in very close collaboration with your stakeholders. We ask them to prioritise by greatest business value - to them - and we deliver in exactly that sequence. Our overriding driver is the earliest possible, largest possible return on your investment. Lesser returns can then be more easily seen in the context of the cost. This is how to bring software projects in on-time and on-budget.

Wide experience

Our clients range from very small businesses to multinational corporations - from profit obsessed to not-for-profit. All are more similar than they are different. All are focused on achieving their business targets. All have a revenue flow which constrains the rate at which they can evolve towards their strategic goals.

Productivity through quality

In our set of business principles, quality assurance is about using technology to prevent costly mistakes. We design or use systems and write software to help humans deliver the best possible production outcomes.

Success-test driven

We manage stakeholders by asking what will satisfy them. We write success-tests to translate their business objectives into technology acceptance criteria. When we work for you we won't let you order technology without specifications written around what you expect from it. We don't pay suppliers if they can't prove they have delivered what was specified. That is success testing in a nutshell.

We enjoy technology because we can make it work to achieve objectives. That's what we do.

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Special projects


Climate hosts open source www.sharedsds.com, a project to deliver free GHS classification software for the chemical industry. The eventual goal is to improve the availability, value and use of safety data in the OH&S sector worldwide.